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The Economic Times Best Realty Brands 2018


We at The Economic Times take pride in having acknowledged, celebrated and lauded Iconic brands across industries including education, BFSI, healthcare, infrastructure, technology, lifestyle through The Economic Times Best Brand Series. The brands that have not just succeeded in being at par with global competitive brands, but have also international brands on the edge.

Now, we take the opportunity to bring to you the 2nd edition of India – UAE Realty Brands coffee table book titled “ET Best Realty Brands 2018”. The Real Estate industry, like most industries, emphasizes on brand building as growth has taken on a new form in the Age of You. Real Estate being at the helm of today’s booming economy, makes right investment decisions stands to be the crucial aspect for both buyers and developers.

The Real Estate “Brand”, unlike most other industries, takes years to build the trust, reputation, credibility through its years of perseverance as witnessed through its unique and original project philosophy, processes, materials, timelines, building systems and/or implementation.  However in order to nurture global ambitions, a renowned brand faces plethora of choices and challenges. While international expansion is exciting and rewarding, it can also be daunting especially for Realty players. Understanding new markets, local regulations, knowing the rulesnew sets of customers (with their own cultural nuances, functional and emotional needs), and newer competitors can be unnerving task for the most seasoned brand owners. However, only a few realty brands have been able to make a mark and set themselves a league apart nationally and globally.

We, at The Economic Times, take privilege to cover some of the inspirational realty brand stories in our 2nd edition of the most comprehensive study of India – UAE Realty Brands coffee table book titled “ET Best Realty Brands 2018”. The book will feature the successful realty brand stories – analysing their performance on the basis of market capitalization, diversity of offerings nationally and internationally, brand value, consumer satisfaction, delivery timelines, brand recall, milestones achieved, latest innovations that have left a lasting imprint on consumers mind. The book will take a deep dive into what has made these realty brands, what has made them stand out, and what are they doing as an ongoing process to live up to the best brand status globally.

Criteria for Consideration as Best Realty Brand

  • Quality
  • Existence
  • Number of projects executed
  • Innovation
  • Sustainability
  • Technology Adaption

Time: 45 Mins

Panel Topic: The reality of Realty across borders

  • Investment Perspective
  • Opportunities and threats across borders
  • Competition and local acceptance
  • Paper work hurdles
  • Availability of resources