Abdulla Alshehhi

Abdulla Alshehhi

Managing Director & Chief Consultant & Founder National Advisor Bureau

Eng. Abdulla Alshehhi is the Managing Director & Principal Consultant at National Advisor Bureau Limited (a consultancy firm based in MASDAR city), He also Worked for ADNOC since 2001 with strong commercial field and excellent knowledge on Oil & Gas industry.

He is heading Q2wash.com which is a Leading Environmentally Friendly car wash Company in the UAE; with more than 45 mobile car wash outlets in the UAE; the company has managed to save up to 700 million gallons of water throughout its operation.

He is founder of Q2trade.ae based in Dubai; which is an international trading company.

In 2013 he invented “ALMAA” technology to harvest fresh water on four weather conditions over bodies of water; the patent was filed in the UK.

He is Author of “Filling the Empty Quarter” Book , The Book offers out of the box ideas and the most innovative techniques in Water Harvesting & Saving technologies to help transform the Empty Quarter Desert into blooming Gardens.”