H. E Dr. Eng. Mohammed Alahbabi

H. E Dr. Eng. Mohammed Alahbabi

Director General, UAE Space Agency

H.E. Dr. Mohammed Nasser Al Ahbabi is one of the most qualified national leaders within the UAE space sector. He is known for his visionary leadership, management and strategic planning skills. Dr. Al Ahbabi is an expert within the fields of space, information systems and defence strategy.

Dr. Al Ahbabi was appointed Director General of the UAE Space Agency after leading the creation of the Agency, which was established by federal decree in 2014. As the first national space agency in the Middle East and North Africa region, this was a significant undertaking that involved overseeing strategic planning, policy formation, and stakeholder relations, in addition to many other high-level activities.

Dr. Al Ahbabi has tremendous experience in civil and military work and academia. He became a telecommunications officer for the UAE Armed Forces until he reached the rank of Major. During this period he also worked as a coordinator for Dubai Internet City until 2000, taught part-time at Abu Dhabi University between 2005 and 2007, and served as a telecommunications officer and a project manager for Al Yah Satellite Communications Company (Yahsat) military division from 2005 to 2012. He helped establish strategic projects including the Innovation and Development Centre of Excellence for the UAE Armed Forces which allowed him to work closely with industry partners and stakeholders.

Dr. Al Ahbabi has also contributed and led numerous strategic projects in the ICT domain for the UAE government. He has led a UAE Armed Forces Think Tank Project within the Centre of Excellence. His role included advising the military and government at a strategic level on emerging concepts and technologies in the area of smart defence, cyber warfare and space developments.